xlinkit is a flexible application service that checks the integrity of distributed documents, databases and web content. It provides powerful diagnostics that generate hyperlinks between elements that violate data integrity.

The technology behind xlinkit is the result of research at University College London. xlinkit was specifically designed to:

  • validate complex documents, where traditional database mechanisms and XML schema languages are not sufficient
  • integrate distributed data, by allowing you to check your data wherever it resides, and by checking integrity across your data sources
  • bridge data heterogeneity, by providing mechanisms to check data whatever format or storage it is in
  • generate portals that provide structured access to complex, distributed data


xlinkit constitutes a radically new class of Internet technology. On this web site you can get a good overview of xlinkit by checking out our quick tutorial or, for a more detailed explanation, our white papers and applications section.

You can also download our free evaluation package, and try out our various online checking services. If you have any questions or suggestions, we would like to hear from you.