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xlinkit is produced by Systemwire, a spinout company based in London, United Kingdom. The following people are behind xlinkit:

Ramin Dilmaghanian – Ramin has substantial experience in working with start-up companies, with a particular interest in spin outs from academia. He holds engineering degress from Imperial College and an MBA from London Business School. He has managed seed funds for technology startups and worked as a member of the senior management team at PrePay Technologies. Ramin became Managing Director of Systemwire to help accelerate the commercialisation of the innovative xlinkit technology.

Wolfgang Emmerich – Wolfgang is an internationally recognised expert on software development environments and distributed object systems. He is a senior member of Faculty at University College London and a partner in Zuhlke Engineering, an international systems engineering consultancy firm. Wolfgang is Director of Professional Services at Systemwire.

Anthony Finkelstein – Anthony is Professor and head of the Software Systems Engineering group at University College London. He has made significant contributions to research on tool and process support for software development. Anthony is Director of Strategy at Systemwire.

Christian Nentwich – Christian is currently working on his doctorate, on the management of consistency of distributed documents. He has extensive experience with XML, object technologies, and distributed and open source development. He has also provided many of the ideas underpinning xlinkit. Christian is the Technical Director at Systemwire.