xlinkit is the product of a substantial programme of research at University College London. Many novel research results have been incorporated into xlinkit. The following publications were accepted by leading academic journals and conferences and provide a good account of the technology:

  • xlinkit: A Consistency Checking and Smart Link Generation Service. C. Nentwich, L. Capra, W. Emmerich and A. Finkelstein. ACM Transactions on Internet Technology. To Appear. (A general overview, including a formal semantics)
  • Static Consistency Checking for Distributed Specifications. C. Nentwich, W. Emmerich, A. Finkelstein. International Conference on Automated Software Engineering (ASE), Coronado Bay, CA, 2001. (A shorter overview, oriented towards software engineering applications – won the “best paper” award)

If you are interested in software engineering applications of xlinkit, you may also want to read the following paper, which describes how to use xlinkit to check the design and code of Enterprise JavaBeans system. It has been submitted to a major journal and is currently undergoing peer review:

  • Flexible Consistency Checking. C. Nentwich, W. Emmerich and A. Finkelstein. Submitted for Review, 2001.